Weekly Moscow News in Photos


Check the most memorable Moscow photos of this week.

Last Monday Muscovites had to deal with heavy rains and flash flooding.


The Central Fountain of the Gum Department Store has been filled with watermelons and melons as part of Moscow Jam Festival.


On Tuesday,  it was officially announced that the “Myakinino” station (the dark blue line) would be closed on August 22 for an uncertain period due to violation of safety rules after being damaged and flooded on August 15.


The Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin has taken to Twitter to clarify the future of the “Myakinino” subway station on August 17.


The renovations made on the eve of the city’s birthday were both surprising and challenging for Muscovites. Noviy Arbat – so-called Soviet Manhattan – was one of the first areas targeted for renovations.Plans were implemented to transform the street’s market center into a walking square.


New Moscow city minibuses have taken to the streets this week.



photo 2 – https://ru.sputniknews-uz.com/photo/20150818/253063.html

photo 3 – https://rcmm.ru/dorozhnoe-stroitelstvo/28737-4-skandal-v-smi-moskovskiy-metropoliten-i-krokus-grupp-ne-mogut-podelit-stanciyu-myakinino.html

photo 4 – https://rblogger.ru/2016/08/18/novyiy-novyiy-arbat/

photo 5 – https://gmichailov.livejournal.com/898550.html

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