Your Weekend Guide: 24 hours in Kazan

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Kazan is a unique Russian city with 1000 years history and 1,2 million population. Kazan (meaning ‘cooking pot’ in Tatar) is called “the Istanbul of the Volga river” where Europe meets Asia. Here are the best places to visit if you stay in this city only for one day.

1 The Kremlin

 It’s the oldest building in the city and was rebuilt in the second half of the 16th century on Ivan the Terrible’s orders. The main mosque of the Republic, the tower of Syuyumbik (which is inclined a few degrees, and which according to legend Ivan the Terrible wanted to take for his wife after victory over the Kazan Khanate), an affiliate of the St Petersburg Hermitage, the gallery Khazine, and the Blagoveshenskii Church are all located within the Kremlin. Also within the Kremlin there is a viewing platform from where one can see the Kazan River divide the city in half.

2 The Temple of All Religions

The temple encompasses 16 spires, each representing a different faith. Established by philanthropist Ildar Khanov in 1992, the site is not actually a chapel in the traditional sense but is instead a center meant to stand as a symbol of religious unity. Check the address here

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3 The symbol of the city, dragon Zilant

Zilant is a legendary creature, something between a dragon and a wyvern. Since 1730, it has been the official symbol of Kazan. This winged snake is mentioned in legends about the foundation of Kazan.A Zilant is a legendary creature with the head of a dragon, the body of a bird, the legs of a chicken, the neck and tail of a snake, the ears of a canine, red wings, sharp teeth, dark-gray feathers and scaly dark-gray skin.

4 Qol Sharif Mosque by night

The interactive Museum of Islamic Culture at semi-basement level is also worth a visit.

5 Dinner on Baumanskaya Street

You can have dinner on ulitsa Baumana (Bauman Street) – Among the multitude of cafes and restaurants, take a look at Dom Tatarskoy Kulinarii, at ul. Baumana, 31 or the low-budget version on the other side of the street, Dom Chaya .

Both establishments serve the traditional tartare (minced raw meat), “gubaidia” (a special pie made with beef)  “chebureki” (pies filled with minced mutton or veal).

6 The Palace of Farmers

This building proudly calls itself a “palace” and attracts tourists from all over the world. The Palace of Farmers houses the Ministry of Agriculture.

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