Top 5 World Records of Moscow

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Here are top 5 world records of the city of Moscow.

Moscow’s famous Tsar-Kolokol is the largest bell in the world. It weights about 202 ton and is 6,14 meter high. Its diameter is 6,6 m. The bell is broken. The casting of this enormous bell was performed by a team of nearly 200 craftsmen under the supervision of Ivan Motorin and his son Mikhail, who cast many of Russia’s other great bells.


The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour  is the tallest Orthodox Christian church in the world.


The Mosquarium oceanarium(aquarium)  has finally been built in the vicinity of the VDNKh Complex! It is claimed to be the largest in Europe. Some 8,000 species of marine and freshwater life from across the world live in the 4,600-square-mile aquarium zone.


The Guinness World Records committee has confirmed that the Aquarium of the AVIAPARK shopping centre is officially the tallest in the world.


and finally...

The Kremlin - the largest fortress in Europe, which has been preserved to this day. The Moscow Kremlin is located in the heart of the capital of Russia.


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