Top 5 Surprising Events that Happened in Moscow’s Metro

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The Moscow metro with the time has become a city within a city. Today it hosts exclusive performances, exhibitions and festivals. Let’s get back in time to see the most memorable events held at different stations.

The Yoga Night

The first yoga night in the world was held at the “Novoslobodskaya” metro station in Moscow in November 2015.

The Extreme Sports Festival

The first extreme sports festival has been held this autumn at the “Delovoy Centre” station.

FIFA Welcoming Night

Dancers of the Kremlin Ballet Theater performed a concert in the Moscow metro for football fans visiting Moscow. June 2017

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A Subway Snack

A Soviet-style canteen, where some hidden life unfolds, can be a fascinating stop on your subway journey.While stopping for a subway snack may not always seem convenient, it is certainly an exotic spot for lunch, with the trains rushing by on both sides.

The Dracula Ballet

The premiere of “The Dracula Ballet” staged by the Bolshoi Theatre took place in the Moscow Metro on November 1

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