Top 5 Places to Enjoy Winter in Moscow

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Looking for some fun outdoor activities for you and your family? Be sure to visit our top 5 winter places in Moscow!

The annual festival “Journey Into Christmas”  opened steps from Red Square on December 13 2019 with dozens of special stalls and tents, playgrounds and stages.

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The festival encompasses 38 special Christmas zones in the city centre. More than 100 stalls, selling different products, are placed on the territory of the fair.


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For more than 50 years, skating at the VDNKh rink has been a traditional winter fun activity for Muscovites. These years it is considered to be Europe’s biggest ice rink, decorated with Christmas lights and art installations.



The Exhibition Centre has gone beyond the usual ice-pouring tradition. Today it houses dozens of exhibitions including “Moscow in Miniature” and Europe’s longest ecotrail!


Moscow’s first Historic Park opened at VDNKh! The new complex is called “the Historic Park: Russia-My History”.

 Its main constant exhibition encompasses a broad range of interactive installations and antiques.


The annual Christmas Fair on Red Square  has opened along with the Central ice rink.

If you want to do ice-skiing under the Kremlin Wall, don’t miss out a special offer from Moscow’s central ice rink!




The “Ice Moscow” Festival will open on December 28 2019 at Poklonnaya Hill. The main city venues, made from ice will be open to all visitors.


Operating hours 12.00-22.00. Entrance fee will be announced shortly.


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