Top 5 Moscow Parks and Estates


Did you ever want to get out of the city but did not want to drive 100 kilometers to get some fresh air, walk around in a forest or just do something of the beaten path? We decided to create a list of the parks in Moscow that in our humble opinion should be visited at least once by anyone no matter if you are a muscovite who has lived in Moscow for over 30 years or a tourist that came here for a few days.

Izmailovo – Park and Estate


Izmailovo is quite an extraordinary place as it has a both a beautiful park and an astounding newly renovated Kremlin. Izmailovo has a rich history as during the reign of one of the most notable Russian czars – Aleksey Mikhailovich this was a place of the Romanov residence. Currently the Izmailova Kremlin is a magnificent fortress that is known not only for its numerous museums and master classes Russian but is also a very popular place of marriage for many Russian couples. If you want to take part in a few master classes and get an understanding of what it was like living in the ancient Moscow you can take a tour around Izmailovo mastering baking and pottery along the way.

Tsaritsyno museum and reserve


Another place that takes us back to the times of imperial Russia is the Tsaritsyno Estate. The estate became famous after it was bought by Catherine the Great. It was one of her most beloved places to visit along with her favourite – Prince Grigory Potemkin. The ensemble around the estate was constructed in 18th century in a Neo-Gothic Style which you can enjoy today when you visit. The park has everything to have a pleasant time – decorative bridges, artificial grottos and even a few restaurants. The park hosts a number of music festivals during the spring and summer months.

Kolomenskoye Estate


Kolomenskoye estate one of the most notable parks in Moscow due to its magnificent landscape and rich history. Go back in time while walking through the park and marveling at the Ascension church – that was constructed back in 1532 to commemorate the birth of Ivan the Terrible and currently is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Among other architectural wonders The Kolomenskoye estate has also a renovated a Wooden Palace – to which many foreign guests in the 17th and 18th century referred to as the “8th Wonder of the World”. This was a favorite residence of such notable figures in Russian history as Tsar Alexis I, Elizabeth and Peter the Great.

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Gorky Central Park


No list would be complete without mentioning the most visited and centrally located park of Moscow – Gorky Park. The park opened in 1928 and originally aimed at reflecting on the architecture and social values of the Soviet era. Throughout its history the park has undergone major changes and reconstruction eventually becoming a beloved place for Muscovites. It is perfectly suited for both winter and summer recreational activities. During the summer you can take a stroll along the banks of the Moscow river, while during the winter enjoy ice skating on one of the largest Ice Rinks in Eastern Europe. This is hands down a must visit place if you are ever in the city.

The Kuskovo Estate

Among the Russian nobility one family stands separately – Sheremetev family. They have had a profound influence on Russian history so it is no wonder that their summer estate is a true marvel of both architectural and landscape design. The Sheremetev estate was built back in 18th century and was located outside of Moscow, but as the city grew the manor along with the surrounding garden became part of the city. The estate does not only include the palace but other various buildings such as The Grotto, The Dutch house and the Orangerie (which currently houses The State Museum of Ceramics). The park is beautiful in any time of the year so you will have a wonderful experience visiting it whether it is February or June.

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