TOP 5 best bookstores in Moscow


Though reading on mobile devices has gained great popularity in the 21st century, the more traditional way of reading still has many adherents. After relocating to a foreign country one still wants to keep on educating and entertaining oneself. After all, what could be better than dropping into the bookshop to choose something new for the weekend? Perhaps a world-famous novel, an anthology, or even a collection of fashion shots or a recipe book; you never know what you might be in the mood for.
Fortunately, Moscow has a lot to offer the bibliophile. As the capital of one of the most literate countries in the world, Moscow has something like 1,000 bookshops in the center, as well as scattered throughout the suburbs. In this blog we will cover the top five best places to find literature in English, as well as some other European languages.Moscow Book Store 8 New Arbat
1. Moscow Book Store ( 8, New Arbat)
The beautiful location of the store – along New Arbat street – attracts people, and with good reason: opened in the 1960s, it now boasts a total area of 4,500 square meters with 13 different departments. It is more than just a store; it is a landmark, a point of interest for tourists, as in addition to novels and textbooks, one can find non-trivial souvenirs, beautiful gifts and accessories for booklovers.

Biblio-Globus Book Store
2. Biblio-Globus Book Store (6/3 building 1 Myasnitskaya street)
Launched in 1957, this is now one of the largest stores in Russia. A computerized catalog will help you to find what you need, or you can ask a friendly staff member for assistance – many of them speak excellent English. Books devoted to art, history and the study of different languages (including Russian as a foreign language), are what really stand out here. Biblio-Globus is a good place to meet a famous author, since creative meetings with readers are often organized here. You can relax and page through a new book at the cozy coffee shop on the ground floor, or browse through the antique book collection.

Moskva Book Store
3. Moskva Book Store (8/2 building 1, Tverskaya street)
The most central bookstore in the city is located on Tverskaya Street, just 5 minutes from the Kremlin. For your convenience it is open daily between 10 am and 1am, without lunch breaks. This shop boasts a large collection of art books and albums covering architecture, fashion, the culinary arts, photography, painting and ballet, amongst others. There are modern terminals at which you can search for the book of your choice, and a map can even be printed out to help you locate it easily.

4. Respublika
These are new generation bookshops, and are mostly targeted at a younger audience. In addition to being a bookstore, at Respublika you will also find a gift shop, music shop and a café. They also organize workshops and lectures, and provide space for interior designers to showcase their ideas. You will also find a selection of cute accessories to make life brighter: a frog shower cap, colorful tableware, a Swarovski eye mask; you have to see it to believe it!

Ragout culinary book store
5. Ragout culinary book store (16 building 5, Olympiysky avenue)
If you are not only a bibliophile but also a ‘foodie’, and have already heard of Ragout restaurant and culinary school, you will be thrilled to hear that they also have a culinary bookstore with one of the best selections of culinary books available. There is also a lovely crockery shop located on the premises.

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