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Top 5 Beaches of the Moscow Region

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The swimming season in the Moscow region has officially kicked off! You might be surprise to find out that the area abounds in rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

“The Bay of Happiness” ( “Buhta Radosti”)

Located in the Sorokino Village, the Reservoir Beach includes a spacious swimming area, playgrounds and water vehicles for rent. 

The beach is located by the Pirigivskoye reservoir, 18 kilometers away from Moscow Circle Highway. The length of the beach is 1,5 kilometers. Water vehicles , including boats, yachts, katamarans are available for rent. Entrance is free. Check the map.

Novoaleksandrovo Village

The sand beach is located 7 kilometers away from The Moscow Automobile Ring Road by Dmitrovskoye Highway. The beach is open to the public with no entrance fee. The shoreline is flat enough and safe for kids. Deck chairs and umbrellas are available for rent. Check the map.

The village is a unique area in the Moscow region where you can still rent a house or a hotel room on a Budget.

Malibu Centre

The “Malibu” Resort encompasses 3 beach zones, with recreation areas and swimming pools. Entrance fee to the beach zone is 600 roubles on working days and 800 roubles on the weekends.

The “Flagman” beach

This wide public beach with white sand is located by the renowned Pirogovskoyo reservoir. Entrance fee is 100 roubles for adults and 50 roubles for kids.

The “Troiskoye” Resort

The venue is located by the Klyazma river. It captures the quests with 3 separated beaches, work-out zones and kids’ playgrounds. Newcomers are invited to visit a mini-zoo or rent a boat.

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