Top 3 New Summer Activities in Moscow!


Expanding one’s horizons beyond the usual summertime activities is a great way to enjoy every moment of the season that is so highly prized in Moscow.


– After doing some research, one of BigTimeMoscow’s suggestions is rafting. Sounds outrageous, right? Not at all. Start by getting a group together and finding a company that offers a full package of adventures. The Sudogda River is a surprisingly good place for tourists, and provides a route that is not extreme. While traveling down the river is calming, it is still exciting in that it provides ever-changing scenery and the opportunity to observe animals, including beavers and herons. This adventure opportunity is located just 200km outside of Moscow, and the free parking zone in the Shukavka valley nearby makes for easy access. Rafting tours are scheduled for two, three or four days, and require a minimum of ten participants. Tours cost from 3,000 roubles per person, and all gear is provided. The group will have opportunities to take a break to stroll through the forest or to spend the evening camping and enjoying a barbecue.


– The Museum of Nomadic Culture right in the city, is another fun BigTimeMoscow discovery this season.

Top 5 Hidden Palaces of the Moscow Region

Mongolian nomads live in their traditional way, welcoming guests with their music, cuisine and special activities, including the opportunity to try archery like real hunters. The history of this place is unique.


A schoolteacher decided to decorate his school’s backyard with a yurt that he had obtained in Mongolia. Later, he delivered a special lecture about the nation and their lives in such traditional homes.


The idea caught on, and more marquees and vans started arriving. Today it is an official museum which sells its own souvenirs.


On the outskirts of Moscow there are a handful of absolutely unexpected delights. Moscow citizens have carved out peaceful, flourishing areas for themselves – like clean villages – situated close to the parking zones. Ismailovo is one such place.raft7

It is a key spot for photographers and painters who are able to create unique images that are unexpected in a loud and crowded city. The Russian style homesteads remain dignified.raft8

The interiors of the court buildings are not freely accessible to the public, but  the local tower periodically houses chamber music concerts. But the real surprise is the sunflower field we discovered just steps away from the central zone of the park.


Please note that some of the operators of the above-mentioned activities do not speak English. Please feel free to contact BigTimeMoscow for assistance or information or via our Facebook community page.

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