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Top 10 Things to Do in Sochi

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Sochi has re-opened to tourists today after the lockdown! Tourists from all over the country usually flock to this place to enjoy these 10 things to do in Sochi 2020 – the unofficial ‘Summer Capital’ of Russia, or the Black Sea Pearl!


The country’s biggest and busiest summer sea resort, the city attracts more than four million visitors each year, all drawn by the beautiful mountainous coastline, array of pristine shingle beaches and vibrant nightlife. The “Primorskiy” beach is considered to be one of the best ones in the area.

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Strolling Around Olympic Park

Since then Olympic Park has become the main entertainment cluster of the region. Today Olympic Park is the place of active fun and positive emotions. The slogan of Olympic Park is «The Territory of Active Life». For the adrenaline addicted, there is an extreme-sports park with bicycles and segways available for rent. If 50 hectares seem to small for cycling, there is a new embankment with a bicycle path near Olympic Park that stretches for six kilometers along the sea.

10 things to do in Sochi

Take a Ride in Sochi Park

Welcome to the magical world of “Sochi Park” – the first theme park, which idea is based on the rich cultural and historical heritage of Russia! One ticket will allow you to visit an incredible adventure in the company of loved ones characters of Russian fairy tales and ride on any attractions unlimited number of times. Take a fascinating journey through five themed lands  as a family and remember this day forever

10 Things to do in Sochi - Olympic Park

Visiting the Vorontsovka Caves

One of the longest cave complexes anywhere in Russia, the Vorontsovka Caves contain evidence of human habitation dating back an incredible 20,000 years.

10 things to Do in Sochi - Vorontsovka Caves

Climbing Mount Akhun

Visit Mount Akhun on a clear day and you won’t find a better vantage point for expansive views of the region. Located 15km from Sochi’s city centre, the mountain’s summit is marked by an imposing 100-foot Romanesque tower from which visitors can enjoy panoramic views that, if you get lucky with the weather, can stretch as far as the remote Turkish coastline.

10 Things to Do in Sochi -  Mount Akhun

Traveling to Dagomys Tea Plantation

Laying claim to being the most northernmost tea plantation anywhere in the world, the Dagomys Tea Plantation owes its standing to the region’s unique microclimate that makes it fertile ground for the growth of tea leaves.

10 things to Do in Sochi Dagomys tea Plantation

Chasing Waterfalls

While in Sochi, do not forget to explore waterfalls in the Lazarevskoye District. You’ll be amazed to know how many waterfalls this district comprises! There are as many as 33 waterfalls including Agura, Orekhovsky, Chudo Krasotka and others that you can explore if visited at the right time. The highest waterfall is around 40 feet tall. These cascades are bewitching and worth capturing and should in your list of things to do in Sochi.

Visit Sochi Art Museum

During the Stalinist period (till 1953) many monumental buildings around Greater Sochi were built. Among them are: Sochi central train terminal, Sochi seaport, The Winter Theatre, Sochi Art Museum.

Treat Your Taste Buds

Are you tired of all the walking and traveling, and want to satiate your taste buds? Sochi has an abundance of fresh farm produce. You can head to Adler for trying out some chic and luxurious restaurants which serve a variety of food to its customers. The local cuisine here is different from classical Russian cuisine. You can try out khachapuri, shashlik, and other dishes. If you are a fan of seafood then Sochi has plenty of seafood from the Black Sea to offer you such as oysters, mussels, and trout.

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