Top 10 Posts about Moscow 2016


Here are the best posts about Moscow from 2016.

In 2016 archaeologists have discovered the oldest street of Moscow in Zaryadye Park. We have collected 6 little known facts about Moscow.

best posts about Red Square

We picked the most dignified hidden palaces of Moscow.

best posts about Moscow's hidden palaces

As the cultural life in Moscow flourished in 2016, we compiled a list of the best new museums of the Russian capiltal.

best posts about new museums of Moscow

These places were the most famous winter attractions in 2016.

best posts about Moscow's winter attractions

Winter in Moscow is the best time for ice skating, the main ice rinks of Moscow are open from November.

best posts about Moscow's ice rinks

Last year we succeeded to find  the most beautiful hidden buildings of Moscow!

best posts about hidden buildings of Moscow

A new oceanarium opened in 2016  at the Crocus City Mall.

best posts about Moscow's oceanarium

The highest ice rink in Europe opened in Moscow in December 2016.

bests about Moscow's highest ice rink

Moscow’s 200th Metro Station opened in February  2016.

best posts about Moscow's subway

In 2016 Moscow got its own signature look for FIFA 2018.

best posts about FIFA 2018

That was our year at BigTimeMoscow.


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