Top 10 New Tourist Attractions in Moscow


The Moscow Art Centre

A new exhibition is open right under the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. This art centre is not well-publicized yet,  but  its current exhibition may outshine the best galleries of Moscow. It presents the works of the greatest world known Russian painters such as Shishkin, Levitan, Vasnetsov and etc. In total, the exhibition includes about 300 pieces of art, many of them are on display for the first time!


Historic Park 

Moscow’s Historic Park has Opened at VDNKh! The new complex is called “the Historic Park: Russia-My History”.Its main constant exhibition encompasses a broad range of interactive installations and antiques.

Crocus Aquarium 

A new oceanarium with a total area of 10,000 m2 opened in December at the Crocus City Mall.The 3-floor centre presents 2,000 different species of fish, 500 species of mammals and 300 types of insects.

crocus_city_mallThe first and the second floors are dedicated to sharks, deep sea mollusks, coral reefs and fish from the rivers of Volga, Don and Amazon, along with rare species of aquarium fish.

The Museum of Russian Impressionism

The exhibition spaces, amounting to over a 1,000 square meters is arranged over three floors with the permanent collection on the ground floor and temporary exhibits on the upper floors. The museum plans to loan exhibitions of relevant works from the world’s leading museums and private collections each year.


The Old English Court Museum 

The Old English Court is a stone mansion erected in the early 16th century in Varvarka-street on the east side of the Kremlin. It is one of the earliest surviving specimens of Moscow’s secular architecture. Most importantly it witnessed the birth of Anglo-Russian relations in the age of Ivan IV (the Terrible) and Elizabeth I. For it was here from 1556 to 1649 that the first English trading and ambassadorial office in Moscow was located, the first official residence of a Western power in the Russian capital. The museum has opened after restoration.


The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Exhibition Centre 

The centre opened inside a new basement of the legendary sculpture by Vera Mukhina, ‘Worker and Kolkhoz Woman’. Today, the pavilion is part of the Manege Museum and Exhibition Association, carrying out a varied exhibition program spanning applied arts and socialist realism to contemporary projects and photography.


The ‘Experimentarium’ Museum

The ‘Experimentarium’ Museum is a 100% hands-on interactive laboratory for kids and adults. The colorful, engaging demonstrations and real-time experiments provide great explanations for nature’s complicated processes and phenomena. The exhibit also explores architecture and building basics and rules. It contains an education center, and provides a stage for science shows and marathons. A free summer ticket (available on particular days), can be a nice bonus. English-speaking guides are available for groups with a minimum total fee of 4,500 rubles (check the link below).


Links in English: 


The ‘Experimentarium’ Museum –


The Guinness World Records committee has confirmed that the Aquarium of the AVIAPARK shopping centre is officially the tallest in the world.

The tank contains approximately 370,000 liters of saltwater. Scuba divers have the opportunity to dive within the tank, and need to make multiple decompression stops when ascending from its bottom.

Dominion Tower

A new urban building, ten years in the making, has opened this month to great media attention on Sharikopodshipnikovsksaya Street 5. The results are fascinating and unique. The project was created by Zaha Hadid, one of the most famous architects, sculptors and artists in the world.

The International Numismatic Club Museum

The new Museum of Numismatics opened in Moscow last week, displaying items collected over the past 14 years. The permanent exhibition features more than 3,000 coins from Russia and other countries.



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