Top 10 New Things to Do in Moscow

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We have compiled a list of top 10 new and surprising activities in Moscow. Have fun, try yourself and enjoy!

Top 10 New Things to Try in Moscow

Flying over Moscow in Red Square’s Park

The 3D attraction “Flight over Moscow” is open at the Media Centre in Zaryadye Park steps from Red Square.

Top 10 New Things to do in Moscow - Flight over Moscow

Taking a ride in Europe’s largest indoor amusement park “The Dream Island” in Moscow

The park houses thrilling coasters, Magic kindgoms, castles and even the Land of Dinosaurs. You can take a sneak peek inside the Park. The date of opening : 29 February 2020

Top 10 New Things to do in Moscow - Dream Island Park

Enjoying breathtaking views of Moscow from air gondolas in Luzhniki

Take a ride on Moscow’s urban gondolas – the Sparrow Hills cable car. One ride lasts for 5 minutes. Ticket prices start at 1,5$ for one ride. To purchase the ticket, please, click here.

Having a date at Moscow’s Planetarium at night

Moscow’s Planetarium is definitely one of the most underrated Museum of the city. Moveover, even locals don’t know that the planetarium might be a perfect spot for a date. When it is closed for the public you can get a special entry (starting at 100$) for a romantic session ( between 21.00 and 22.00). It might be less stressful to get to know each other under the sparkling stars and the bright Moon. Check the contacts of the Museum here.

Top 10 New things to do in Moscow - Date at Planetarium

Experiencing a bomb explosion up close in Moscow’s 42 bunker

Welcome to the secret nuclear bunker in the city centre – 18 floors below the ground!
The highlights of the program of Moscow’s Central bunker are a simulated missile launching and a bomb detonation. Check the details here.

Top 10 alternative things to do in Moscow - Bunker 42

Watching a movie in 5D at the cosmic sphere cinema at the All–Russian Exhibition Complex

The Space Sphere 5D cinema is a truly hidden gem in the heart of the Space Pavilion at the All-Russian Exhibition Complec. Spaceships, planets, astronauts and stars will all be as lifelike as the IMAX cinema. The cinema is equipped with a moving platform and the latest screening technology.

The sphere cinema can hold up to 30 visitors. Entrance fees start at 100 roubles (1,5$). Check the details here.

Top 10 things to do in Moscow - 5D cinema at VDNKh

Taking a virtual tour in the city centre to see the demolished sights of the city

The tour costs 45$. It runs every Friday. Check the details here.

Top 10 things to do in Moscow - Virtual tour

Barreling down the slides in the Waterpark ( especially in winter)

The Palace of water sports opened after the reconstruction. It might hold up to 10 thoudand visitors a day. The venue Also houses its own Waterpark with 9 different attractions, 2 swimming pools, saunas, and even a boxing club! Entrance fees start at 30$ in the day time. Check the prices and the address here.

 Top 10 things to do in Moscow - Waterpark

Taking part at the Cosmic Jazz Night

Under the starry 3D cupola ATMA 360, the musicians will play the cosmic music of Frank Sinatra. The show takes place at Lumiere Hall. Ticket prices start at 25$. Check the schedule here.

Spending a day on an indoor beach in the Moscow City district

A new 9-floor concert hall with a swimming pool and a tropical zone is due to open in the Moscow City Complex by 2022 according to the official website of the Munucipality. The pool will be open throughout the year. Check the picture below.

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