Top 10 New Places to Visit in Moscow 2020 in Any Season

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I have compiled a list of the most interesting places in Moscow ( Red Square is not included) that are truly unique. Some of them are packed at weekends like Zaryadye Park or DEPO, but some of them are still little -known. All of these venues are definitely worth a visit.

New “Media Centre” in Zaryadye Park

The venue of the park behind Red Square is not only an information centre but a two floor museum. There are two interactive attractions located inside – “Soaring” and “Time Machine”. “Soaring” is a virtual air tour over the main attractions of Moscow. It was created by specialists from Canada and Austria. Here you may discover new city sights and see them from a new angle. Entrance ticket prices start at 400 rubles, around 7 dollars. Check our interactive tour of Zaryadye Park!

The Highest Observation Deck in Europe

The highest observation deck in Europe Panorama360 opened at the “Federation:Vostok” tower in the Moscow city region. The 89th floor of Moscow City Federation Tower offers amazing views. It’s the best viewpoint of Moscow in 2020 with the 360 look-up angle. Check the address.

Children Central Zoo

A new zoo opened steps from Moscow’s biggest zoo with 27 different zones, stalls, hubs and playgrounds. Check the address here.

Moscow’s Disneyland

The largest indoor theme Park in the world “The Dream Island” is due to open in Moscow On February 29 2020. It will encompass 8 interactive zones (take a look inside) including Smurfs’ Village, the Castle of the Snow Queen and more. Check the details here.

Europe’s Longest Ecotrail

The ecotrail has opened at All-Russian Exhibition Centre with the total length exceeding 400 meters and the height of over 6,5 meters.

The venue is a part of the newly opened Landscape Park, created by the French landscape architect Michel Pena. According to the report of the city administration, it is the longest ecotrail in Europe.

New Attractions at All – Russia Exhibition Complex

Historic Park 

Moscow’s Historic Park has Opened at Europe’s biggest exhibition complex VDNKh! The new complex is called “the Historic Park: Russia-My History”.Its main constant exhibition encompasses a broad range of interactive installations and antiques. Explore the biggest venues of VDNKh with our audio tour!

The “Moscow in miniature” Pavilion

The renewed model of Moscow is presented in Pavilion No.75 at VDNH: its area is increased from 70 to 121 square meters. You can see 9000 miniature buildings, streets and squares of the capital on a scale of 1 to 400. The model is equipped with LED lamps creating the effect of a night city.  

DEPO Market

The biggest food mall in Europe has opened this year in Moscow (check the address). it’s an impressive mixture of a huge food market and a seriously big food court. You can literally spend a day there. Take an exclusive food tour in Moscow to try out all the legendary city dishes!

Bunker – 42 and Cold War Museum

The Moscow Underground City consists not only of tunnels and catacombs, but streets, small shops, squares and parking zones.  Stalin’s luxurious bunker houses a conference hall, a conference room, an office, a resting room, the General’s office, supply rooms and a refectory.Stalin’s luxurious bunker houses a conference hall, a conference room, an office, a resting room, the General’s office, supply rooms and a refectory. Enact launching a missile and surviving a nuclear attack! BOOK TICKETS AND TOUR to the Bunker – 42 NOW

By the way…

Monument to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson

In Moscow, these legendary heroes become pedestrians, and rest casually on a bench. Sitting between them is said to bring good luck. Fun fact: the monument in Moscow is the only sculptural composition in the world where Conan Doyle’s popular heroes stand together for the public to enjoy. The monument was erected by the British Embassy.Smolenskaya Embankment


If you are tired of the official Moscow touristic sights and want to explore the city off the beaten track – this is the tour for you! On this mystical Moscow tour discover lots of urban legends and experience unofficial Moscow. BOOK TICKETS HERE

The Moscow Art Centre

The centre is open right under the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. This art centre is not well-publicized yet, but  its current exhibition may outshine the best galleries of Moscow. It presents the works of the greatest world known Russian painters such as Shishkin, Levitan, Vasnetsov and etc. In total, the exhibition includes about 300 pieces of art, many of them are on display for the first time!


“Sportivnaya” – The Museum of Subway

This small, cozy museum maintains the spirit of the subway, while describing and illustrating some of its hidden secrets. As it is not well publicized, it is often empty. A true hidden gem! Don’t miss the tour other hotspots of Moscow’s metro!

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