Top 10 New Attractions of Moscow VDNKh Park

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The Moscow VDNKh Park or the All–Russian Exhibition Complex (Russians call it VDNH) is considered to be “Moscow’s Second Wonder” and Europe’s biggest exhibition park. The territory of the entire venue is bigger than the Country of Monaco (an area of 2.020 km2). And it is getting only bigger. Here you may find everything: museums, palaces, fountains, entertaining centre, aquarium, theaters and more. The park hosts more that 300 exhibitions each year. Moreover, new attractions are opening in different parts of VDNKh. Here we decided to highlight the newest venues of Moscow’s VDNKh.

The Space Pavilion (Industry Square of VDNKh Park)

The central square of the the All Russian Exhibition Complex – the Square of Industry encompasses 3 giant pavilions. The Space pavilion always housed exhibitions dedicated to technology and space.

The Space Pavilion of Moscow’s VDNKH Park – Hidden Moscow Attraction – 5D Cinema

Today there is another hidden gem in the heart of the Space Pavilion. It is the Space Sphere 5D cinema. Spaceships, planets, astronauts and stars will all be as lifelike as the IMAX cinema. The cinema is equipped with a moving platform and the latest screening technology.

Moscow VDNKH Park - 5D Space cinema at Space Pavilion

The sphere cinema can hold up to 30 visitors. Entrance fees start at 100 roubles (1,5$). Check the details here.

The “Moscow in Miniature” Pavilion

23000 Moscow buildings and monuments in the 1:400 scale are placed at the Pavilion № 75. The “Moscow in Miniature” model is lit up by LED lamps. Light shows of the night city run every hour. It is definitely one of the most instagrammable places of Moscow. Entrance is free. The pavilions are scattered all over the park with no logic, so , please, check the address.

Moscow in Miniature - Moscow VDNKh Park

TAKE a walking tour to the VDNKh centre with us only for 30$ , Every Saturday starting 15.00 Duration: 2,5 hours. Register via

Europe’s Longest Ecotrail in Moscow VDNKh Park

Europe's Longest Ecotrail - Moscow VDNKh Park

A 400 meters ecotrail has opened at VDNKh in its new part called “The Park of Five Senses” (photo below). The venue was created by French architect Michel Pena.

Moscow Vdnhk Park - the Garden of Five Senses

By the way…

Europe’s Tallest Ferris Wheel will open in Moscow’s VDNKh Park by 2021. One right on it will last for almost 20 minutes.


The Historic Park of VDNKH Park (VDNH)

The “My History” complex encompasses a broad range of installations. It divided into 3 parts dedicated to the ruling dynasties of Russia and the time of Soviet regime. Take a sneak peek inside the complex. Entrance fees start at 500 roubles (8$). Check the details here.

The “Mosquarium” Oceanarium in Moscow VDNKh Park

The “Mosquarium” is claimed to be the biggest oceanarium in Europe. It also has its own concert hall with various shows and events for families and kids held throughout the year. Entrance fees start at 600 rubles (9$). Check the details here.

Moscow Oceanarium Moskvarium - Top 10 Attractions of Moscow VDNKh Park

Flight Over Moscow’s VDNKh Park (VDNH)

Exploring the entire VDNHk park in one day might be quite a challenge. Joining a virtual trip all over the complex might be a great opportunity (especially in winter, and it is cold) to see all the greatest venues of the park. The 3D virtual VDNKh map stall is located at the Hydro-meteorology pavilion No.16. Check the address. Entrance is free.

Flight over VDNKh (VDNH) - Moscow's VDNKh Park

TAKE a walking tour to the VDNKh centre with us only for 30$ , Every Saturday starting 15.00 Duration: 2,5 hours. Register via

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