Top 10 Moscow’s Food Events 2018


I have compiled a list of the greatest Moscow’s food events in 2018. This post has been constantly updated.


Dec 22 – Jan 14

The annual Christmas festival “Journey Into Christmas” takes place steps from Red Square with dozens of special stalls and tents, playgrounds and stages.

The festival encompasses 38 special zones in the city centre. More than 100 stalls, selling different products, will be within the bounds of the fair. Operating hours from 10 am – 11 pm. The festival will be held until January 14. The entrance is free.

March 11 – March 12 2018

The Central Alley of the VDNH All-Russia exhibition complex will become  the centre  of Shrovetide. All visitors will be welcome to enjoy the entertaining program including the National Pancake Fair, exhibitions and performances, concerts and animation program.The visitors will be treated with  hot pies, waffles, gingerbread, Czech sausages, burgers, soft mulled wine and coffee.

Shrovetide food events in Moscow

The “food” highlight of the Shrovetide Fair at VDNH will be a huge range of pancakes with various fillings.  Pancakes with homemade jam, with banana and nutella, with salmon mousse, with Bavarian sausages and cheese will be all available. The entrance is free.

April – 2018

The annual “Moscow Food Truck Festival” will be held in the middle of April in Sokolniki Park. The event will provide the public with a massive array of creative street snacks to sample. All guests will be entertained throughout the day by live music performances. Entrance is free!


May – 2018

The first “Family Secret” okroshka food festival  will be held in Sokolniki Park in May. Entrance is free. Cost for tasting coupon for all 5 types of okroshka (including vegetable, meat and fish okroshka)- 1000 roubles. Coupons may be purchased in the park.


Okróshka is a cold soup of Russian origin. It is cold and  mostly served in summer. The soup combines the refreshing taste of kvass and the lightness of a salad. For more information, please, click here.

June – 2018

The leading event in the restaurant industry –“Taste of Moscow” opens in the beginning of June. For 4 days the best city cafes and restaurants will be welcoming clients with special offers and tastings.

annual taste of moscowJuly – 2018

The “Moscow Jam Fest” opens in the middle of July. Tens of chalet-tents are set in the city to treat residents and guests with all sorts of traditional and exotic jams.Entrance is free.

annual moscow jam fest

September 17 – September 20 – 2018

The “WorldFood Moscow” event is the main platform in Russia where food trade professionals, international associations, government ministers and international press can assess the market; network with existing and new clients, as well as conduct and conclude deals for the future.WorldFood Moscow annually gathers international food and drink companies from over 62 countries.


Tickets should be purchased in advance. A lot of useful information, including the events, can be found at the official webpage:


A honey fair (featuring food corners) is always open in KolomenskoyePark until the end of October. Why not take the opportunity to buy your own jar of Russian honey to take home as a souvenir?


“The Moscow Gastronomic Festival” opens in the beginning of October, with 75 restaurants welcoming clients to special contestant set-menus from their master chefs.One of the best attractions of the menus are the prices:  customers can taste the main dishes of Moscow’s fanciest restaurants at significantly discounted prices!

annual gastronomic festival

UPDATED! The Italian market will be held in October. It will encompass traditional food corners, beauty zone as well as handmade items and souvenirs. The entrance is free.

October 28 – October 29 

Taking place at the Zil Centre,  the “Go Vegan” festival is supposed to be one of the biggest monthly vegan festivals in Russia –   has space for altogether hundreds stalls and dozens of caterers. Entrance is free, registration is required. For more information, please, click here (in Russian).

vegan food events in Moscow

Nov 4 – Nov 5

The “My Pastry” festival will open at Danilovsky Market on Nov 4 – Nov 5 2017. Entrance is free. Those who register here will be gifted with sweet presents.

My Pastry food events in Moscow

The annual Christmas Fair on Red Square  will open on November 29 (approximately)  along with the Central ice rink. It will operate until Jan 14.


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