Top 10 Legendary Ballets to See in Moscow This Winter

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Here are most magnificent shows to see on the biggest city stages in winter 2018-2019.

The New Year Ballet Gala: Pas De Deux

Dec 30

The New Year Gala program will prove a magnificent and diverse showcase for top dance talent from the best Ballet troupes of Russia.The annual Ballet Gala is claimed to be  “one of the leading cultural events of Russia”. Pas de deux is a duet that is usually performed by a female and male dancer. Most classical ballets have at least one ps de deux.

Most of the Gala evening will be given over to classical repertoire, including the Legendary “Sleeping Beauty” , “The Swan Lake” and “The Nutcracker” ballets. 


Russian New Year Ball

Dec 31 

The Kremlin’s New Year Ball is a beautiful end-of-year tradition – to recall the year with melodies, dances and fun.Among special guests are artists from Moscow theaters, the Cantadelamore Retro Jazz directed by Oksana Petrichenko and the Valery Show Ballet.


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The “Nutcracker” Chinese Ballet and Acrobatic Show

Dec 21 – Jan 7 

The ballet and acrobatic show The Nutcracker combines elements of Chinese circus with classical ballet, featuring acrobatic stunts and breathtaking choreographies. The show will be performed by the Dalian acrobatic troupe, a legend in the circus world, which has gained international recognition for its performance of the Nutcracker, winning multiple prizes both in China and abroad.

The Plehanov Congress Hall


The Sleeping Beauty Ballet

Jan 10

The Sleeping Beauty is a pearl of the classical Russian ballet, an outstanding masterpiece composed by Tchaikovsky in 1889 to become one of the hits in the worldwide ballet repertoire. The unearthly beauty of the show in the Kremlin is emphasized with dazzling colorful costumes, combined with the magical stage design.


Ruslan and Lyudmila

Jan 11

The “Russian and Lyudmila” Kremlin Ballet was created based on the poem Pushkin and Mikhail Glinka ‘s opera , which is adjacent to the fabulous magic of reality and history and fiction peppered with gentle irony.A young man must employ magic to rescue his beloved from the clutches of an evil dwarf.


The Nutcracker Kremlin Ballet

Jan 18

Seeing a ballet in the heart of Moscow on the Christmas Eve must be every traveller’s dream. Having celebrated its anniversary, «The Kremlin Ballet» became one of the world leading troupe on the international scene performing at one of the world’s best ballet venues.


The Swan Lake in the Kremlin

Jan 19

The “Swan Lake” ballet with brilliant music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky is currently the most famous ballet in the world, and a symbol of the Russian ballet. The base of the story is an old German legend telling about a beautiful princess Odette turned into a swan by the curse of an evil wizard Rothbart.
The “Swan Lake” as performed by the Kremlin Ballet Theatre is an ever young lyrical charm of a classic dance inspired plasticity of pattern, a mysterious harmony of music and choreography.

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