Top 10 Hidden Sights of Moscow 2018


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New “Media Centre” in Zaryadye Park

The venue of the park behind Red Square is not only an information centre but a two floor museum. There are two interactive attractions located inside – “Soaring” and “Time Machine”.

“Soaring” is a virtual air tour over the main attractions of Moscow. It was created by specialists from Canada and Austria. Here you may discover new city sights and see them from a new angle. Entrance ticket prices start at 400 rubles, around 7 dollars. Check our interactive tour of Zaryadye Park!

“Time Machine” is a video tour on a 5 -meter-high screen dedicated to the history of Moscow. Production of the show involved 300 actors changing into 500 different authentic costumes. By the way, you don’t have to be seated while watching the show, you can feel free to walk around. Thanks to special generators, you will also experience smells, smoke and wind. A Truly unique experience!

The “Tugeleva Bush” Park

A new park -Tugeleva Rosha – has opened this autumn on the territory of the Zil cultural cluster – one more remote oasis of tranquility in our crazy city.

The “Collection” Museum 

The “Sobranye” (“Collection”) museum has opened this year the heart of Moscow. It houses more that 20 thousand items – from self-playing musical instruments to street organs, music boxes along with a great variety of items of art and crafts, paintings and drawings, a comprehensive collection of Russian bronze, including small statuary of front rank authors of the XIXth – XXth centuries, as well as the collection of old Russian and Foreign silver, glass and crystal.

The highlight of the Museum is a unique fund of rare sound records: it cares for over 20 000 different music storage devices. Take a look at the greatest items of the museum and check the address here.

Visits to the Collection museum will be carried out in the format of organized excursions, by appointment.

The Old English Court Museum 

The Old English Court has finally opened after restoration in Zaryadye Park. It is s a stone mansion erected in the early 16th century in Varvarka-street on the east side of the Kremlin. It is one of the earliest surviving specimens of Moscow’s secular architecture. Most importantly it witnessed the birth of Anglo-Russian relations in the age of Ivan IV (the Terrible) and Elizabeth I. For it was here from 1556 to 1649 that the first English trading and ambassadorial office in Moscow was located, the first official residence of a Western power in the Russian capital. Check the address. The museum is closed on Mondays. Entrance ticket prices start at 200 rubles, which is 3,5 dollars.


Historic Park 

Moscow’s Historic Park has Opened at VDNKh! The new complex is called “the Historic Park: Russia-My History”.Its main constant exhibition encompasses a broad range of interactive installations and antiques.

Crocus Aquarium 

A new oceanarium with a total area of 10,000 m2 opened in December at the Crocus City Mall.The 3-floor centre presents 2,000 different species of fish, 500 species of mammals and 300 types of insects.

crocus_city_mallThe first and the second floors are dedicated to sharks, deep sea mollusks, coral reefs and fish from the rivers of Volga, Don and Amazon, along with rare species of aquarium fish.

The Statue of Liberty 

Yes, we have our own statue now, the lady seems to be a little stressed). The statue is hidden within the Tribeca complex here.

Dominion Tower

A new urban building, ten years in the making, has opened this month to great media attention on Sharikopodshipnikovsksaya Street 5. The results are fascinating and unique. The project was created by Zaha Hadid, one of the most famous architects, sculptors and artists in the world.

The International Numismatic Club Museum

The new Museum of Numismatics opened in Moscow last week, displaying items collected over the past 14 years. The permanent exhibition features more than 3,000 coins from Russia and other countries.


The Menshikov Tower

The Menshikov Tower is also known as the Church of Archangel Gabriel. Menshikov tower was Moscow’s first building richly adorned with figurative sculpture. Most of it was lost in the 18th century.


Monument to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson

In Moscow, these legendary heroes become pedestrians, and rest casually on a bench. Sitting between them is said to bring good luck. Fun fact: the monument in Moscow is the only sculptural composition in the world where Conan Doyle’s popular heroes stand together for the public to enjoy. The monument was erected by the British Embassy.Smolenskaya Embankment


The Moscow Art Centre

The centre is open right under the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. This art centre is not well-publicized yet, but  its current exhibition may outshine the best galleries of Moscow. It presents the works of the greatest world known Russian painters such as Shishkin, Levitan, Vasnetsov and etc. In total, the exhibition includes about 300 pieces of art, many of them are on display for the first time!


“Sportivnaya” – The Museum of Subway

This small, cozy museum maintains the spirit of the subway, while describing and illustrating some of its hidden secrets. As it is not well publicized, it is often empty. A true hidden gem! Don’t miss the other hotspots of Moscow’s metro!

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