Top 10 Hidden Sights in Moscow 2017


Stalin’s Bunker 
The Moscow Underground City consists not only of tunnels and catacombs, but streets, small shops, squares and parking zones.  Stalin’s luxurious bunker houses a conference hall, a conference room, an office, a resting room, the General’s office, supply rooms and a refectory.Stalin’s luxurious bunker houses a conference hall, a conference room, an office, a resting room, the General’s office, supply rooms and a refectory.


The Menshikov Tower is also known as the Church of Archangel Gabriel. Menshikov tower was Moscow’s first building richly adorned with figurative sculpture. Most of it was lost in the 18th century.


Monument to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson
In Moscow, these legendary heroes become pedestrians, and rest casually on a bench. Sitting between them is said to bring good luck. Fun fact: the monument in Moscow is the only sculptural composition in the world where Conan Doyle’s popular heroes stand together for the public to enjoy. The monument was erected by the British Embassy.Smolenskaya Embankment


The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Virgin Mary is a neo-Gothic cathedral and the largest Catholic cathedral in Russia. The official schedule of the events at the cathedral is here.


The Moscow Art Centre is open right under the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. This art centre is not well-publicized yet, but  its current exhibition may outshine the best galleries of Moscow. It presents the works of the greatest world known Russian painters such as Shishkin, Levitan, Vasnetsov and etc. In total, the exhibition includes about 300 pieces of art, many of them are on display for the first time!


Located southeast of Moscow in the Ramensky region, Bykovo is nestled within contemporary housing and dacha areas, but its spacious, forested park is an oasis untouched by development along the small Bykovka River.


Yusupov Palace
Ivan the Terrible chose the location for this palace, having noticed it when looking for a lost hat. Soon, the first hunter mansion was built there.



Address: Bolshoi Haritonievsky Lane 21

“Sportivnaya” -The Museum of Subway
This small, cozy museum maintains the spirit of the subway, while describing and illustrating some of its hidden secrets. As it is not well publicized, it is often empty. A true hidden gem!

The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Exhibition Centre opened in September 2010 inside a new basement of the legendary sculpture by Vera Mukhina, ‘Worker and Kolkhoz Woman’. Today, the pavilion is part of the Manege Museum and Exhibition Association, carrying out a varied exhibition program spanning applied arts and socialist realism to contemporary projects and photography. For more information about the centre, please, click here.



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