Top 10 Hidden Buildings of Moscow

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1 The Menshikov Tower. It is also known as the Church of Archangel Gabriel. Menshikov tower was Moscow’s first building richly adorned with figurative sculpture. Most of it was lost in the 18th century.


2 The rich merchant Arseny Morozov was inspired to create this unusual mansion by his travelling across Portugal: he decided to build his new house in the peculiar Mauritian style. Now this monumental building is the RF Government Reception House. 


Top Unexpected Monuments in Moscow

3 The Kekushev Mansion. Lev Kekushev was a Russian architect, notable for his European-style buildings in Moscow, built in the 1900s.

kekushev 4 The Perlov Tea House in Moscow! This house belonged to a rich tea merchant. His name was Sergei Perlov. The Perlov Tea Store still operates here.


5 Sretensky Boulevard and the quaint house № 6 that was built in 1902.


6 The Museum of Musical Culture named after M.T. Glinka.The Museum has the oldest sounding Russian organ.


7 The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Virgin Mary is a neo-Gothic cathedral and the largest Catholic cathedral in Russia.


8 The Central House of Literature. The historic mansion housed the administrative offices of the writers’ union for most of the Soviet period. As such, it was featured in Bulgakov’s novel The Master & Margarita .

9 The Egg House that resembles a giant copy of a Fabergé egg.


10 The Yusupov Palace! Tsar Ivan IV – Ivan the Terrible – chose the location for this palace, having noticed it when looking for a lost hat.


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