Top 10 Facts about Most Buzzed About Moscow’s Exhibition at Garage

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In this post, BigTimeMoscow continues to introduce one of Moscow’s art clusters, which is one of the brightest centers of modern cultural life in the city. 

1 The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100 is a major exhibition project that brings together the works by over 50 Russian and international artists.

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2 The years in the name of the exhibition are picked for the following reason: 2030 is suggested as the year when existing resources of oil will be exhausted (Paul R. Ehrlich, Beyond the Limit, 2002), putting an end to the Oil Age; and 2100 denotes the year when human life will be able expand to other star systems.

3 The Coming World explores the future that awaits us: a future where questions of ecology will top political agendas. 

4 “The Coming World” welcomes both a realistic, pessimistic prognosis and utopian visions of alternative cohabitation of the planet.

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5 Exhibits include a video saga on global warming, art works produced in collaboration with animals, and installations that warn us about the Earth’s declining biodiversity.

6 The project is so large that, for the first time in history, one exhibition covers the entire Garage Museum

7 The Coming World is developed around two main concepts: environmentalism and ecology.

8 The exhibition features a number of historical works that marked turning points in humanity’s relationship with nature

9 Visitors can enter the sculptures and spend time inside of them

10 Entrance fee is 500 rubles.


Garage Museum

Garage has recently acquired the official status of ‘a museum of modern art,’ however this doesn’t mean that it has ceased to be a center of cultural life. In addition to viewing interesting exhibitions, one is be able to visit a bookstore, a café and a summer pavilion.

It is conveniently located close to the entrance to Gorky Park; it is lovely to plan a stroll through the park at the end of your visit.

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