The World’s Biggest Planetarium Has Opened In St. Petersburg


With a dome with a diameter of 37 meters, the Planetarium No. 1 in St. Petersburg, opened in November, is really the planetarium №1 in the world by its size. This dome makes the planetarium larger than its American and Japanese competitors. A daily maximum capacity of the museum is 5.000 visitors.

The 37-meter diameter dome is being served by 40 powerful projectors with a screen resolution of 100 million pixels. The venue can host up to 800 persons simultaneously.

Address: Obvodny canal embankment, 74C (in Russian – Обводный канал, 74Ц)
Subway stations: Frunzenskaya and Obvodny canal (about 1 km away each)
Contacts: phone: +7 (812) 407 17 31. email:

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