“The Other Side of Reality” Project in Moscow!


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Erik Johansson creates “street illusions” in 3D – large-scale drawings that transform the space of the street, mesmerizing passers-by with their realism. On February 14 his exhibition opens for the first time in Moscow at the Lumiere Brothers Center of Photography!

Erik’s photographic projects have been shown in different cities all over the world, including in Sweden, the Czech Republic and Australia. 

The whole process of creating the work is divided into three stages. The first is drawing. Johansson works through a lot of ideas on paper. Once he has selected the best, he looks for places, architectural structures and objects that could be part of the final image. This stage can last for months or even years. Check the video below.

He then takes pictures of the objects and works on the footage on a computer, connecting the elements and processing the frame. All stages of the process are equally important for the final image.

Check the schedule and purchase the tickets here.

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