The Art of Recorded Movement: Where to Watch Movies in English and Other Languages

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Entertainment is an essential part of life for most people. When you move to a new country, it is always good to know that you won’t have to change your lifestyle and habits. One of the most popular places to spend one’s spare time is at cinema. There are more than 1000 cinemas in Moscow, however only a few of them broadcast films in their original languages.


1. 35mm (

This is the capital’s main cinema for non-mainstream cinematography. They often organize festival weeks (a week of Italian, Korean or British films), or all-night cinema marathons where several films are shown in succession, starting at midnight. This is a cinema for true movie-lovers: no popcorn or loud groups. Ticket prices are generally quite reasonable.


2. Pioneer (

Situated in the prestigious West District of Moscow, at Kutuzovsky Avenue, this cinema boasts cozy halls, a bookstore and its own café with an extensive menu. As a “member of Europa Cinemas and CICAE, it pays special attention to European cinema and presents the whole spectrum of its genres and forms – from low-budget features and festival hits to documentaries, shorts and animation” – as stated on the official webpage.


3. The World of Art (Mir Iskusstva) (

Although the theatre’s capacity is only 15, it is very popular with the capital’s hipsters. Here you are given the opportunity to watch rare films that you won’t see in too many other places. They often show silent pictures, which are classics of cinematography.

мир исвамир

4. GUM cinema (

This is the most luxurious cinema on the list. It is located in the heart of Moscow – in the beautiful GUM (Main Universal Shop), at the Red Square. A note of caution: the location influences the price. At times the tickets cost as much as 1500 rubles.


5. Illuzion (

This is one of the oldest cinemas in the city. It is located in the historic embankment skyscraper of Kotelnicheskaya, and was recently reopened after renovations. It was initially created for pictures from the State Films Fond, but nowadays one can watch old soviet and foreign pictures in English, French and German, with Russian subtitles.


6. Torch (Fakel) (

This is another of the city’s oldest cinemas. It is situated in the East district near Lefortovo Park. As a rule the cinema only broadcasts films in the original language, with Russian subtitles.


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