Take a Sneak Peek at Moscow’s Future Central Art Venue!

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The GES2 Power station will be developed into a new site for contemporary arts and culture in Moscow by 2021!

The venue is located in the popular Red October district of the city. 

Built between 1904 and 1907, the GES2 power station, once a supplier of energy to the city, will now be re-imagined to supply ideas and creativity.

GES2 will become an exciting cultural destination, offering new opportunities for artists and audiences.

The Zones

The entire site will be reconfigured into a legible and well-defined square of 150 by 150 meters, framing a birch “Forest”, the main building and a “Piazza” area in front of the Southeast entrance façade.

The site will be organised into three main poles: The Welcoming pole, the Exhibitions pole and the Education pole. 

The Welcoming Pole

The Welcoming pole will be an extensive free access area, featuring an outdoor sculptural garden with a forest of birch trees and an outdoor/indoor piazza, where visitors will be able to enjoy the surroundings and engage with art.

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The area will include a library, bookshop, amenities such as a café, restaurant as well as an auditorium and permanent and temporary art installations, with its own specific programme of exhibitions and events happening all year round. 

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