Special Weekend in St Petersburg: Jan 25 – Jan 27

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On Jan 25 – Jan 27 Saint Petersburg will mark the 75rd anniversary of the city’s liberation from the blockade. On Jan 27th 1944  the long-awaited fireworks lit up the sky of St.Petersburg. The same fireworks will be held in the Field of Mars (Marsovo Pole) on Jan 27 2019!

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On Jan 27 the military parade will be held in the city centre at 10 am. At 19.00 3D light show will be on display. Dvorsovaya Square will become the central venue where citizens and guests of the Northern Capital of Russia will have the opportunity to see the best achievements of audio-visual art. 

With multiple museums and palaces of the Royal Family times in Russia, Saint Petersburg might be considered as one big historical cluster. If you have only 24 hours here in winter, your journey might be pretty intense, but truly exciting.

The fireworks will be held on January 27 at 9 pm.

Entrance is free!