Sheremetyevo Airport Closes 2 Terminals over Coronavirus Outbreak

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Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport is closing two of its terminals – terminal E and terminal C on March 20. All the flights will be redirected to the other Sheremetyevo terminals – D and F. We’re still waiting for confirmation on how long this closure will last.

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If you’re due to fly out of the Sheremetyevo airport soon, check with your airline for updated departure information…

Coronavirus in Moscow

As the World Health Organization stressed the need for a range of measures to tackle the virus, Moscow’s administration has banned mass gatherings with more that 50 people!

The Mayor has issued the order today. Here is the full text of the new order in Russian .

Moscow Bans Public Events. What Kind of Events?

The ban affects “sporting, entertainment, public, and other mass events.”

The ban comes to effect today and valid until April 10. *

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