Russian Visa Hacks


BigTimeMoscow is proud to be launching a news feed with information on Russian visas, invitations and working permission requirements. As such, the most popular questions were dispatched to Alisa Vahrusheva, a specialist from the “RTM – Russian Travel Mission” company.

Has anyone faced the process of work permit and visa prolongation. I wonder which health insurance is required. Does it have to be a Russian (DMS) or can it be an international health insurance for expats covering Russia?

In order to qualify for an international Russian visa, medical insurance is mandatory. Such insurance must be acceptable within the country, and must be valid for the entire period of the stay in Russia. If these requirements are met, there is no need to apply for any other local medical insurance.


Can anyone advise me on the procedure for my landlord registering me? He wants to do everything above board so wants me to be registered at his flat and he wants to do it. What documents does he need? Thanks

In Russia, a landlord is justified in asking you to register to rent his property. As owner of the rental unit, he is actually in charge of any foreigner that moves in, since he is viewed as a receiving party. Moreover, he is in charge of your registration at the RF Migration Service. According to Russian law, he can be forced to pay fines for violation of this law, by ignoring the official registration of his non-Russian tenant.

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