Russia Releases List Of Foreigners Cleared to Enter The Country

  • 15

The Russian government has updated its list of foreigners who can enter Russia as an exception, the document was published on the cabinet’s official website. Here is the entire text of the document in Russian.

Photo: IA REX

It indicates that the entry ban into Russia will not be applied to officials of the Union State’s Standing Committee or members of their families. Foreign personnel of the Intergovernmental Courier Service can also travel to the country.

The document specifies the conditions for granting entry to other foreign citizens and stateless persons. Citizens of states that have international visa-free travel treaties with Russia in effect entering Russia as diplomatic couriers or due to a close relative’s passing can cross the border if they present a valid ID and a copy of a death certificate as well as a document proving their degree of relationship with the deceased person. Family members (spouses, parents, children, adopted parents or children), guardians and caretakers of Russian citizens can also cross the border if they present relevant documents.

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