Russia Extends Visas for Visitors!

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All visitors currently inside Russia, whose visit visas are about to expire (or expired already!), will be allowed to extend their stay, if they are not able to get back home, according to the new statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia!

All they have to do is to apply to one of the offices headed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs within their place of residence. This order is coming into effect today on March 19. Holders of all types of visit visas who are inside the country will be able to extend their stay, according to the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk.

Source is here in Russian

Check the contacts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia

By the Way…

Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport is closing two of its terminals – terminal E and terminal C on March 20. All the flights will be redirected to the other Sheremetyevo terminals – D and F. We’re still waiting for confirmation on how long this closure will last.

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Source is here.

If you’re due to fly out of the Sheremetyevo airport soon, check with your airline for updated departure information…

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