Pictures of the week


National Unity Day was celebrated in Moscow on November 4. The holiday commemorates Russia’s defeat of Polish invaders 1612, when the people’s volunteer army led by Minin and Pozharsky liberated Moscow from interventionist forces.

The annual Night of the Arts was held in Moscow on November 3 featuring dozens of venues , performances and concerts by live bands.

The multimedia exhibition ‘Orthodox Russia. My history: 20th Century,’ opened at Manege, just steps from Red Square. The compelling history of the nation unfolds through more than 3,000 interactive pages.Entrance is free.

The annual military parade, dedicated to the anniversary of the parade of the 7th of November in 1941, was held on November 7.

Rizhskaya Square opened after 3 months of renovation works. The Rizhskaya Square renovation project truly encapsulates the ambition of the city administration to change the city urban neighborhoods beyond recognition.

A toilet themed cafe opened in the Russian capital serving food in lavatory and urinal shaped bowls.

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