Pictures of the Week


Russia’s biggest funeral exhibition, the Necropol TANEXPO World Russia 2015, was recently held in Moscow. The latest trends in funeral ceremonies were on display, including high-end luxury coffins, fancy dress, costumes and new gadgets. The industry is always developing, since demand never decreases.



The new Museum of Numismatics opened in Moscow last week, displaying items collected over the past 14 years. The permanent exhibition features more than 3,000 coins from Russia and other countries.

The first 10 houses for squirrels appeared recently in the territory of the main exhibition complex of the VDNH, and they are real masterpieces! Each feeder is decorated with many arched entrances, and protected with a durable roof. The houses are also equipped with long rope ladders.

The legendary Gorky Film Studio lets Muscovites bask in the glow of large-scale Russian movie masterpieces, and presents costumes and other items from different movies and eras.


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