PHOTOS: Moscow in Quarantine

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These are the days to remember in Moscow 2020 – the city that is going through a new self – isolation regime for all its citizens due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced that all Moscow residents irrespective of age must not leave home unless for exceptional reasons starting from Monday, March 30.

But the Moscow Metro system still operates as usual. 7 new metro station opened on March 28.

Hidden inhabitants of Moscow are not afraid anymore to walk in the city centre

Welcoming guests at Moscow’s cafe

Outdoor activities for kids

Building a new hospital for patients with COVID – 19 in the Moscow region

The first day of quarantine in the Moscow region

Some lifehacks from Muscovites

Russian pilots used their flight path for a specific message, writing the words “Take Care – Stay at Home” in the sky.

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