Smoking cards in Moscow?

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As the new smoking ban initiative comes into effect, we try to understand how smokers and non-smokers will finally be separated. The main objective of the law is to designate special areas, rooms or zones for smokers, so that only those who smoke will breathe in the cigarette smoke.

While cafe and restaurant clients will still only be offered the option of smoking outside, clubs can opt to change their statuses in order to allow smokers to smoke in designated spaces within their facilities. Such clubs will be labelled as ‘smoking clubs,’ rather than just ‘clubs’ or ‘cafes,’ so that non-smokers know about it in advance, and can make informed choices.


The law will also affect buildings with many floors, where people tend to smoke on each level. In addition, smoking will also be banned in market zones, bus stations and public places. Officials will announce the marks and signs for Muscovites to watch out for in city street zones.

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