“Moscow’s Second Wonder” New Tour

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Europe’s Biggest Exhibition Park 2,5 – Hour Tour (ONLY 30$ in May)

“Moscow’s Second Wonder”, “The Solar City of Moscow” – it is all about the All – Russia Exhibition Centre.

The All-Russia Exhibition Centre, also known as the VDNKh, is a national trading complex, amusement park and giant museum. It is also one of the largest exhibition and recreation complexes in the world.

During the walking tour, you’ll discover details Muscovites don’t even know about. We will visit the “Cosmos” Pavilion, the “Moscow in Miniature” Light Show, 5D Cinema, “World’s Best Slavic Museum”, the Hidden bunker place and more!

Hidden bunkers and sights, Russian fairytales, the new venues and more! Join our FIRST 2,5-hour walking tour in English! Price: 30$ – (cash or prepayment via bigtmos@gmail.com)

Please register here or via bigtmos@gmail.com (number of people + name)

Meeting point – Central entrance to the Park (the arch) at 18.00

How to get there
Get off at the VDNKh Station, about 20 minutes from the centre of Moscow. Once you’ve arrived, exit towards VDNKh. When you leave the station, turn left. You’ll pass a giant obelisk topped by a rocket on your left and walk straight on until you reach the entrance arch.

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