Moscow Travel Guide 2018


Check out the Moscow Travel Guide by BigTimeMoscow and learn about the best ways to travel around Moscow including Metro Underground, Car Rental, Bicycle & Walking.

Moscow Underground Tour

The subway is the fastest mean of transport in Moscow. Since 2017 Credit cards are accepted almost at every station! Every entrance ticket has its own code, consisting of 10 numbers. You can see it on the back of the ticket.

The computer near the ticket booths scans the ticket in a second, and the text on its display emerges immediately.If the letters are green, the ticket is valid. Check 5 Things to Do Before You Enter the Moscow Metro. An app, called Yandex Metro , is very useful in Moscow. It’s available in English, it will show you how to get from one station to another, where to change the line and etc. But there are also some secret jams that would be new to even many natives of Moscow.
The Moscow underground will be working 24/7 during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia!

By the way…

A new transport line (Moscow Central Circle – MCC), linked to the Moscow Metro, has opened in Moscow! Check the details below.


Free walking tour is the best way to explore the historical part of the city. It lasts for two and a half hours and visits the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum and much more. And the organizers promise that this is no boring history lesson! For more info about the tour, please, click here

Moscow's free offers

Discover the panoramic view point in the heart of Moscow that is a real surprise and gift for Muscovites.

Rent A Car

A new car-sharing service has been launched in Moscow. Fees are per minute, with one minute costing 8.9 rubles. Vehicles can be booked and collected via a downloaded mobile application, with no physical contact with service representatives. This month is still regarded as experimental, but the ‘Delimobil’ company has confirmed surprisingly high demand for this newborn city service.


Rent A Bycicle

Private bike centers and rentals are well represented in Moscow. In the central parks cycling will not only be accepted but welcomed this season.It is always cheaper to rent a bicycle in person in one of the parks, than to order one and have it delivered to your door. The rules and prices are pretty consistent throughout the Moscow parks. A deposit of 1,500 rubles is required. Although the usage of ID documents is actually illegal, before you are allowed to rent a bike you will most likely be asked to produce your ID document. The payment prices for the first hour fluctuate between 200 and 500 rubles, depending on which bicycle you choose.For more information, please, click here.


Originally 120 rivers and lakes flowed into the Moscow River, but most of them were eventually engulfed.

Moscow River

During warm summer days city boats with restaurants on board can be rented and are in high demand.


Water excursion programs combine the convenience of visiting historical sites with the comfort of modern facilities. A regular ticket costs in the region of 500 rubles for adults. Hop-on-hop-off tickets are also available, and can be used for travel for the whole day with stops and breaks along the way. For more information, please, click here.


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