Moscow: See You On The Water

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The Moscow River which flows into the Caspian Sea, and along which we see restaurants under the city business centers, is the same river that people dive into as soon as the swimming season starts on the 1st of June.

Moscow River

Originally 120 rivers and lakes flowed into the Moscow River, but most of them were eventually engulfed.

During warm summer days city boats with restaurants on board can be rented and are in high demand. Muscovites love to celebrate private parties and weddings onboard with karaoke, artists and layer cakes.

city boats with restaurants

Water excursion programs combine the convenience of visiting historical sites with the comfort of modern facilities. A regular ticket costs in the region of 500 rubles for adults. Hop-on-hop-off tickets are also available, and can be used for travel for the whole day with stops and breaks along the way.

Water excursion programs

Many Muscovites still mistakenly believe that there is no life beneath the waterline. In reality however, more than 30 kinds of fish make their home in the Moscow River, which is also surrounded by water reservoirs. A species of fish called White Amur are brought in every summer in order to keep the river clean.

Every year fishermen wait to dust off their fishing rods, and Muscovites dig out their swimming suits to hit the Moscow beaches. More than 100,000 citizens utilize the riverside leisure zones during the summer season. This year 12 official spots have been designated for swimming in the Moscow River, and have been equipped with showers, dressing rooms and emergency aid. It should be noted that over 60 city beaches are only suitable for sunbathing, and swimming is prohibited.

Swimming spots in Moscow

Ironically, ‘The Clean Ponds’ are only safe for catamaran sailors.

Many citizens tend to flock to crowded and well-publicized swimming spots, ignoring the city authorities’ warnings. Often warning signs prohibiting swimming are not visible on beaches where kids and adults are swimming, playing and diving in unfiltered water.

Swimming spot

Every summer new places become available for swimming, while some more established areas already gained good reputations many years ago. ‘Serebryany Bor’ is certainly one of them. The outdoor swimming center is equipped with boat and water bike rentals; an hour’s rental of a family boat costs about 200 rubles.

The leisure zone is open year-round, and boasts a water park, playgrounds and sports center.

leisure zone

This summer, the craving for a swim will be satisfied in Moscow parks with swimming pools right along the Moscow riverside. Moreover in Gorky Park a huge open space is designated for beach volleyball championships.

Gorky Park

Covered swimming pools are scattered all over the city, and there are places for night owls that are open 24/7. Professional pools for divers are utilized by sportsmen, amateurs and even kids! One of the most famous sports and fitness complexes in Moscow – Olimpiyskiy – offers underwater football and rugby.


Moscow is also about luxury yacht club facilities, the toniest of which is located 10 minutes from the city center. For more information please visit:

luxury yacht club

A passion for sailing is promoted among yachting newcomers at the Royal Yacht School, which has 10 yachts at its disposal. The school also arranges Royal Weekly races for amateurs, featuring champagne and bowties.
See you on the water!

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