Moscow Restaurant Week Starts!

Here is our Moscow Events Calendar 2019 with the main food and cultural events, shows for kids, free days and street and film festivals!

The “Moscow Restaurant Week” festival is opening this month, with 75 restaurants (!!) welcoming guests to exclusive festive dishes made with CEREAL from their master chefs.
Check the list of the participants here

Moscow Restaurant Week Starts!
The list includes the following restaurants – 800°С Contemporary Steak, «Brasserie Мост», Burger&Pizzetta, Cheese Connection, I Like Wine, Laffa Laffa, LavkaLavka, Margarita Bistro, Molon Lave Bar, Ruski, «Техникум», Touché, Zotman Pizza Pie, «Горыныч», «Никуда не едем», «Рыба моя», «Северяне», «Сыроварня» и «Южане».

Moscow Restaurant Week Starts!

By the way…

The consumption of cereals and cereal products in Russia remains very high partly because of the country food habits that haven’t changed over the last century.

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