Moscow is Not a Romantic Place for St. Valentine’s Day?

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Moscow is not seen as the most romantic place on Earth. There are plenty of reasons for that: cold and unpleasant climate, very busy people, overcrowded streets with rushing citizens…Many moscovites complain that there is little place for love, personal life or romantic gestures in their lives. But if you slow down and take a look around, you will see that there is room for true romance in Moscow.

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Legends of the Novodevichy monastery


Novodevichy monastery is a beautiful but mysterious place that is surrounded by many legends. One of them is about czarevna Sofia – sister of Peter the Great. Sofia put great effort in building a bell tower and a temple in Novodevichy monastery. Ironically, this place was meant to become her prison after a power struggle with her brother.

Naprudnaya tower where Sofia was imprisoned is now called Sofyina. People believe that if you touch the foundation of this tower and make a wish (especially a romantic wish) it will surely come true. Take note – this is applicable only for women!

Luzhkov bridge


Luzhkov bridge is a beloved place of the newlyweds. It was built while Yury Luzhkov was the mayor of Moscow, but the name of the bridge has nothing to do with it. This bridge starts from a place that was once called Tsaritsin Lug (Lug means meadow) – that is why it was called Luzhkov, “meadowy”.

This romantic naming kind of predicted its romantic destiny. Newlyweds started to put locks on the bridge while throwing the keys in the river. Eventually local authorities decided to put a special tree for locks on the bridge. But soon there was no empty space left so they put more trees. Now there is a whole alley of “love trees”. Even if you don’t have a couple you can put a ribbon on a tree and make a wish – maybe soon you will find your soulmate!

Master and Margarita

Well-known all over the world, “Master and Margarita” novel by Mikhail Bulgakov a tragic love story in which Margarita has to decide: a life with a loving and rich husband or true happiness with a poor writer. Places described in this novel have become very famous for excursions and walks.

You can visit house number 10 on Bolshaya Sadovaya street – a place where Bulgakov used to live and where his novel takes place. Inside the building you can find an inscription: “I’ve waited for you and you haven’t come. I will continue waiting here until I meet you”. Maybe ladies you will find your Master and gentlemen perhaps there is a Margarita waiting for you around the corner.

Vorobyovy Gory


A place behind the Moscow State University, an observation deck on Vorobyovy Gory (Literally means Sparrow Hills) is a very common place for wedding photo sets. According to a legend, Moscow was built on seven hills – Vorobyovy were among them. This place is especially attractive for newlyweds not only because of the amazing view and beautiful landscape but for the youthful atmosphere. During summer there are numerous newlyweds and their friends who are celebrating, drinking champagne, chanting – “Gorko!”

Beloved Pushkin


Alexander Pushkin is the favorite Russian poet, we say that he is our everything. His poetry touched a lot on the eternity of love and romance. There is a very famous poem “I loved you” that Russians learn in school – even years after graduation we all remember it by heart:

I loved you and my love may still be there,
Deep in my soul remains to stay aglow.

That should not cause you any more despair –
I do not want to hurt you any more.

I loved you unrequited in still wonder
Through bouts of jealousy and diffidence.

I loved you so sincerely and tender –
God bless you with such love of someone else.

Pushkin was very passionate and obviously jealous – he initiated 15 duels, four of them took place, in one of them Pushkin died. That was a duel with Dantes, a young officer who was in love with Pushkin’s beautiful wife. Pushkin was a genius and died too young – a fate of many passionate creators. But he still overlooks muscovite couples: a place behind Pushkin’s monument is a well-known meeting point for a first date.

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