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Moscow Metro: Station Closures

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Here are the latest news on the upcoming closures of Moscow metro stations in August and in autumn. We keep on updating this post.

Rizhskaya Moscow metro station

The Rizhskaya Metro Station has been closed for one year. Check the map to see the closest stations from that area. Buses marked with the “KM” sign have started operating between “Rizhskaya” and “Prospect Mira” metro stations.

Smolenskaya Moscow Metro Station

The “Smolenskaya” metro station (blue line) has closed this year. It is due to open in June 2021.

Nekrasovkaya Moscow Line

Two stations on Nekrasovskaya line will be open on Aug 29 – Aug 30 only until 23.00 due to technical works, connected to the Second Ring Line project.

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The Second Ring Line is scheduled to open in 2021. The 60km route will feature 31 stations and is expected to reduce congestion and halve journey times on the Moscow Metro.

This is how it will look like

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