Moscow Metro: Station Closures

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Here are the latest news on the upcoming closures of Moscow metro stations in March. We keep on updating this post.

Orange Line

The metro route between “Belyaevo” and “Noviye Cheremushki” stations has been temporarily closed due to the construction of the Second Ring Line (or the Big Ring Line).

The “Kalushskaya” station on the orange line is scheduled to open on April 2.

The Big Circle Line is the second circle line in Moscow and the world’s largest metro construction project. Planned to be finished in 2022, it will have 70 kilometres.  served by 31 stations and will, according to the Moscow Metro, reduce citizens’ travel time by 30 minutes. When completed, it will become the longest metro line in the world, beating Beijing’s second circle line by 13 kilometres.

This is how it will look like

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