Moscow: Guide to Unique Places


A full box of unforgettable experiences can be the best present from a foreign country. Moscow is a great place for one-off experiments, trips and walks.

The Underground City
The Moscow Underground City consists not only of tunnels and catacombs, but streets, small shops, squares and parking zones. Strategically located soviet era bunkers have become museums, some of which amuse their visitors with their huge spaces and integrated devices, while others are “real” museums with halls and exhibitions.

Stalin’s luxurious bunker houses a conference hall, a conference room, an office, a resting room, the General’s office, supply rooms and a refectory. Stalin worked there, and regarded it as a temporary residence during the Second World War. It is conveniently located just 17 kilometers (about 10.5 miles) from the Kremlin, which can be reached at any time via an underground tunnel.


The bunker under the Central Pavilion at VDNKh is not as well-publicized, but can still be used for urgent purposes. The space is hidden by the monument of Lenin, which is – by the way – quite often surrounded by walls and scaffolding.

5th Kotelnichesky Lane 11


The Moscow Planetarium is the largest in Europe, though many citizens remember it being constantly closed for technical work. The newly reconstructed space complex consists of a theme park, entertainment complex with 4D cinema, theatre, 3d installation halls, theatre and concert hall, and an observation laboratory.


The center also provides its visitors with moon observation tours free of charge, as well as live performances and international art exhibitions.


Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya 5

“In the Dark” Restaurant
Since scientists have confirmed that 80% of the information we receive is via our eyes, being in the dark can be quite a challenge. This restaurant offers the opportunity to try great dishes and listen to live music, without being able to see anything – in the dark. There are four kinds of “blind” menus: white, red, blue and green.


Oktyabrskaya St, 2/4.

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