Moscow Fairytale Album. Part 1

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During their reigns, Russian Tsars and their Queens ordered no expense spared in the construction of castles and palaces for themselves and their relatives.

Petrovsky Palace

This palace, located at the parade entrance to the city, was built in the 18th century.



Napoleon Bonaparte hid there while running away from the fires in Moscow, before his final capitulation.


Address: Leningradsky Avenue 40

Tsaritsyno Palace

The Tsaritsyno Palace looks dignified and imperial, and very few people know that its main landlord -Queen Ekaterina II – was not satisfied with its appearance.


The unsurprising result was that it remained unfinished for many years. The very last touches were only added in 2007, when the facility was finally finished according to the original plan of the 18th century.


Address: Dolskaya St 1

Yusupov Palace

Ivan the Terrible chose the location for this palace, having noticed it when looking for a lost hat. Soon, the first hunter mansion was built there.


Many different members of the nobility owned it before the Yusupov dynasty was finally granted ownership by Tsar Peter II.


Address: Bolshoi Haritonievsky Lane 21

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