Moscow Events:Where to Go ONLINE

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The majority of Moscow events have been postponed over the coronavirus fears, but you can still attend the shows and the biggest exhibitions of the season from the comfort of your own home! Here are the biggest Moscow events to go to online. The ban on public gatherings is valid in Moscow until April 10. We keep on updating this post!

The Bolshoi Theatre LIVE Festival

The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia stats broadcasting its greatest ballets, such as the “Nutcracker”, the “Sleeping Beauty”, and more. Don’t miss the “Swan Lake” ballet today at 7pm (local time). Check the schedule and the details here.

Moscow Events:Where to Go ONLINE

“Piano Day 2020”

The festival was supposed to kick off at Moscow’s Orangery.

Piano Day, a annual worldwide event takes place on the 88th day of the year all around the world– in 2020 it’s the 28th March – because of the number of keys on the instrument being celebrated. The concerts in Moscow were suspended to July 30. But you can watch the best European pianists on March 28 online here ( European Piano day here)

Moscow Events:Where to Go ONLINE

The Battle of Borodino Panorama Museum

The Poklonnaya Hill is the name of district on Kutuzovsky Avenue and the memorial complex of the city housing 5 museums and 2 open-air exhibitions. One of the central venues of the park is The Battle of Borodino Panorama Museum.

Moscow Events:Where to Go ONLINE

The main constant exhibition of the museum is dedicated to the legendary battle of the village of Borodino not far from Moscow between Russian and French troops.


Every detail of the panorama is neatly painted and designed. Many items including military equipment and weapons and clothes are on display. From now on you can explore it online here.

State Darwin Museum

Three floors of Moscow’s biggest biological museum are open online for you with hundreds of stuffed animals from all over the world in recreated natural zones! Here is the link.

Moscow’s Museum of Cosmonauts

The museum is opening one of its central exhibition called “The Museum of Cosmonauts in Detail” for online visitors. The exhibition encompasses both cosmic equipment and private belongings of cosmonauts. Explore it here.

Moscow Events:Where to Go ONLINE

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The Art of Russian Costume in Kolomenskoye Park

The biggest exhibition of the season in Kolomenskoye Park might be empty these days but it is open 24/7 online to appease the lovers of Russian history, design and embroidery. Check the link to enter the exhibition.

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If you have five hours to spare, check out this one-take video journey through the second-largest museum in the world. 

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