Moscow Cyclists Take To The Streets


If Moscow were ever to become an urban cycling centre one day, this year would definitely be marked as a changing point, in which the city parks and streets became more bike-friendly and better equipped.

Moscow Cyclists
At present there are 150 rental points, with 1,000 bicycles available for rent, however by the 1st of July this amount will more than double to 2,700. In addition, discussions are underway to equip cycling routes with Wi-Fi this season.
Moscow citizens traditionally enjoy riding their bikes in parks, green zones and riversides, since cycling within the city can still be dangerous. However, citizen activists haven’t given up fighting for the right to safe cycling within the city centre. They have now got up an active petition in which they demand that the central streets be reserved for bicycle riders and pedestrians, every Sunday between 8 a.m. and 3p.m., during the summertime. Muscovites are actively supporting this movement, and 500 signatures were collected within just two days of the announcement.


In the central parks cycling will not only be accepted but welcomed this season.It is always cheaper to rent a bicycle in person in one of the parks, than to order one and have it delivered to your door. The rules and prices are pretty consistent throughout the Moscow parks. A deposit of 1,500 rubles is required. Although the usage of ID documents is actually illegal, before you are allowed to rent a bike you will most likely be asked to produce your ID document. The payment prices for the first hour fluctuate between 200 and 500 rubles, depending on which bicycle you choose. Rentals are always available until 10 p.m. In Sokolniki Park, which is generally regarded to be the safest for riding, 30% discounts are offered to pensioners and families with several children.

central parks cycling
One of the biggest centers for cycling is VDNH Park, which has an enormous pedestrian zone. This link provides the schedule for bicycle rentals and lots:
After its global reconstruction, the park is packed with eating spots and open exhibition pavilions.

Private bike centers and rentals are well represented in Moscow. The language barrier can make advance bookings problematic, but bike studios like ‘Oliver Bikes’ happily communicate with foreigners via the phone or Skype +74993402609.Cycling is also fast becoming a cultural attraction in Moscow.

Private bike centers

Projects like the English-styled ‘Tweed Ride Moscow’ promote it as an attribute of an elegant and stylish lifestyle.We are planning a new ‘Moscow Insider’ cycle route, which will include both well-known and hidden historical places. If you have any questions, requests or ideas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Facebook.

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