Man Who Tricked Russian Airline, Hidding His Cat, Becomes a Hero and… Pays Penalty

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Russia’s Aeroflot on Nov 12 stripped a passenger of his air miles after he boasted online of sneaking his overweight cat on board by switching him for a slimmer cat during check-in. The animal had fattened up to 10kg, and the limit is 8kg.

Traveller Mikhail Galin wrote in a Facebook post last week that his cat Viktor was judged too fat to be taken into the passenger cabin during a layover in Moscow on a trip from Latvia to his home in far eastern Vladivostok.

Mr Galin came to the airport prepared with “the cat, the cat double and its owners”, and successfully checked into business class after “the operation to switch Viktor the fat cat for Phoebe the miniature kitty was successful”.

He posted a photo of happy Viktor sitting on the plane with a glass of bubbly, becoming an instant hero for Russia’s cat lovers.

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The probe into the cat swop showed that Mr Galin broke airline rules by switching Viktor for “a similar animal weighing 7kg”, which was confirmed on video surveillance footage, Aeroflot said.

“Aeroflot has taken the decision to take this passenger out of its frequent flyer programme. All of the miles collected during his time in the programme will be annulled.”

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