Happy Birthday, Moscow Metro!


On the 15th of May a train parade will be held on Sokolnicheskaya (red) line of Moscow’s Metro. Visitors will be able to view trains from all the metro lines,as well as a special ‘retro’ train , which looks similar to the first trains used  back in the 1930’s.

Moscow’s Five Subway Attractions

A unique historical exhibition will be opened  at Partizanskaya station on the dark-blue line on the same day, for those who would like the opportunity to see the real retro trains. Several historical  carriages will be on display, some of which are the same age as  the underground.


The exhibition will be open until May 22.

The Moscow metro, though one of the youngest city transport systems, is one of the most popular among citizens and tourists. The metro carries about nine  million people every day, with the minimum headway being only 90 seconds – these are the best figures in the world.




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