First Tolkien-Only Museum Opened in Moscow

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Museum of Tolkien fandom opened in Moscow with amazing trees of Valinor and life-size Ents. The Tolkien museum in Moscow has a unique position compared to other similar establishments abroad: it holds a history of several generations of Russian Tolkiendili, their dreams and their histories, in one place where anyone can visit them during exhibition times or other events held at the venue.

The Museum is located at the building of the library No. 154 in Moscow Tsaritsino district.

Moscow Museum of Tolkien fandom is the only museum in the world dedicated completely to J. R. R. Tolkien.

Moscow Tolkien museum is meant completely to be a meeting place for all Tolkien lovers in a homely atmosphere of well-known and familiar settings of the author’s books, while also being a museum, a study centre, an exhibition, a workshop venue, an entertainment spot, a place for tabletop games, a Tolkien themed fair, and much more.

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