Expanding the City Borders: Moscow’s Railway Stations


As grand and fascinating as Moscow is, you may be curious to see what lies outside the city’s borders. We have compiled a quick guide to destinations that can be reached from Moscow by train. Russians love to travel by train; their romantic souls consider it an adventure.

As the country’s capital city, Moscow is a huge transport hub, with people coming and going from everywhere. There are nine railway stations in the city, and they are all worth visiting because of their fine architecture. Eight of the stations serve long distance destinations, while one (Saviolovsky), only serves destinations in the immediate Moscow region. The names of the stations give visitors an insight into the destinations that they serve.

From these transport hubs you can take long distance trains as far as Vladivostok in the Russian far east. The famous Trans-Siberian line begins at Yaroslavsky Station. These stations also serve foreign cities such as Kiev, Berlin, Riga, Tallinn and Minsk. You can also choose to hop on a suburban train or ‘elektrichka,’ which will take you to some of the towns close to Moscow, including Vladimir, Sergiev Posad and Tver.

What you should know about the Russian railways:

•There are long distance trains and local ones. All the railway stations serve both, with the exception of Saviolovsky.
•There are different types of long distance trains: ordinary (slower trains) and high-speed trains. There are also several different classes, from basic all the way to deluxe.
•Tickets for long distance trains should be purchased in advance from a respected travel agent or from the long-distance ticket windows in the stations themselves. Also, keep in mind that the stations are crowded, particularly during peak times, and sometimes the queues are long.
•Tickets for suburban trains can also be bought from machines in and around the ticket halls, which can be handy for non-Russian speakers.
•You might also like to check the website for information, timetables, routes etc: https://eng.rzd.ru
•Remember that Moscow is the central departure point for most of the trains. Many people come into the city to make the interchange, which means that the railway stations are not the safest places in the city. It is important to be cautious and alert.

Belorussky Train Station: to Belarus and Germany, Sheremetyevo Airport
Where: Tverskaya Zastava, #7. Metro: Belorusskaya (ring brown metro line, north). Phone: +7 (495) 251-6093, 973-8191
Trains to and from: Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Belorussky Train Station

Yaroslavsky Vokzal: Trans-Siberian Trains
Where: Metro: Komsomolskaya. Phone: +7 (495) 621-5914, 621-0817

Trains to and from: Trans-Siberian (Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok); Golden Ring (Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Kostroma), North-East Russia (Kirov, Astrakhan).
There is also an international train ticket sales office at Yaroslavsky station, where you can purchase your Trans-Siberian tickets.

Yaroslavsky Vokzal

Kazansky Train Station: to Kazan, Tatarstan, Urals, east
Where: Metro: Komsomolskaya (brown ring line or red line, north-east). Phone: +7 (495) 264-6556, 264-6656
Trains to and from: Kazan, Tatarstan, Central Asia, Ryazan, Ufa, Samara and Novorossiysk.

Kazansky Train Station
Kievsky Train Station: to Ukraine
Where: Metro: Kievskaya (blue or brown ring line, west). Phone: +7 (495) 240-1115
Trains to and from: west of Moscow, Ukraine, south-eastern Europe

Kievsky Train Station
Kursky Train Station: to South Russia and Vladimir (Golden Ring)
Where: Metro: Kurskaya (blue or brown ring line, east). Phone: +7 (495) 916-2003
Trains to and from: Vladimir, south of Moscow, southern Russia, the Caucasus, eastern Ukraine and the Crimea.

Kursky Train Station
Leningradsky Train Station: to St. Petersburg and Novgorod
Where: Metro: Komsomolskaya (red or brown ring line, north-east). Phone: +7 (495) 262-9143
Trains to and from: north Russia (St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk), Finland.
There is also a Eurolines office as well as a good ticket sales office at this station.

Leningradsky Train Station
Paveletsky Train Station: to south of Moscow, Domodedovo Airport
Where: Metro: Paveletskaya (green or brown ring line, south). Phone: +7 (495) 235-0522
Trains to and from: south of Moscow, Domodedovo Airport, Vornezh, Tambov, Volgograd and Astrakhan.

Paveletsky Train Station
Rizhsky Train Station: to Riga, Latvia and Lithuania
Where: Metro: Rizhskaya (orange line, north). Phone: +7 (495) 971-1588
Trains to and from: Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania).

Rizhsky Train Station

Saviolovsky Train Station: Moscow Region and Dimitrov
Where: Metro: Savelovskaya (grey line, north). Phone: +7 (495) 285-9005

Saviolovsky Train Station

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