Europe’s Longest Ecotrail has opened in Moscow

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The ecotrail has opened at All-Russian Exhibition Centre with the total length exceeding 400 meters and the height of over 6,5 meters.

The venue is a part of the newly opened Landscape Park, created by the French landscape architect Michel Pena. According to the report of the city administration, it is the longest ecotrail in Europe.

The Landscape Park

The Landscape Park at VDNKH ( behind the Historic Park) is an area, where the natural landscape is recreated following the current trends in the landscape design combined with the latest developments in the field of landscape architecture. The entrance to the park is free. Check the other free attractions in Moscow!

7,000 new trees and shrubs and 61,000 perennial flowers have been planted here this autumn. 

Explore the biggest venues of VDNKh with our audio tour!

One of the most original installations of the VDNH Landscape Park is the Garden of Five Senses. You can find it in the Cultivated Nature area steps from the pavilion 28. 

What’s new at VDNKH

One of Moscow’s hidden sights 2019 – the renewed model of Moscow is presented in Pavilion No.75 at VDNH: its area is increased from 70 to 121 square meters. You can see 9000 miniature buildings, streets and squares of the capital on a scale of 1 to 400. The model is equipped with LED lamps creating the effect of a night city.  

The Mosquarium oceanarium(aquarium)  has finally been built in the vicinity of the VDNKh Complex! It is claimed to be the largest in Europe and it is one of Moscow’s world records. Some 8,000 species of marine and freshwater life from across the world live in the 4,600-square-mile aquarium zone (check our blog from the Mosquarium). Starting December 2019 the Mosquarium will be hosting a huge Christmas show called “Around the World”.

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